Haunted by Dreams
In which we make progress through the jungle, and our psyches

Kumaara’s Journal, Day 29 – 31 of Typhoon Season (Alia Reckoning)

As it turns out, the cries of the XXX turned out to be because of a pair of hungry YYY. They attacked the XXX, and then turned towards us, undoubtedly seeing us as easier prey due to our smaller sizes.

Animals must be put down when they seek to levy harm against true sentients, and so we did so, quickly and efficiently. We then settled in for the night.

The next day, we departed for a transport station. The Sight revealed devastation similar to that which we’d found in the camp we awoke in. This station was manned primarily by droids, which sent Ygo into something of an orgy of scavenging. While he did so, Zond’ra and I hunted for additional fuel and vehicles, while Liosanath and Shaar’ra Ti went hunting. Lionsanath is clearly sexually attracted to the Togruta, and I suspect they may have done more than hunting while out there.

This site revealed something else of interest, however. A collapsed cavern, which was the site of a mining operation – as it turns out, they were mining al-ahati crystals, of the kind used by many of the striguru priestesses. Apparently, the Jedi of Zond’ra’s sect use them in the construction of their lightsabers. Not only did we meditate and discover stones that resonated with us, but we also discovered one that still echoed with the dark power used by the shadowy figure we’ve been seeing. I have retained this stone, and hope to meditate on it to learn more about him.

We rested there for the evening before setting out again. Ygo managed to cobble together a number of useful items, including a set of electrobinoculars. They are similar to the ones I’ve used in the deserts of Alia, so they were entrusted to me.

Using the Sight again, I discovered that the big central settlement was actually originally a slave barracks for the mining camps that surrounded it. It was all but empty, and had received the least amount of devastation. We retreated there, to rest, get food and decent sleeping quarters for a while before setting back out for the landing strip. Ygo discovered very posh quarters that clearly once belonged to someone important, while the rest of us made do.

The water resources of the site were in bad condition, though, so we were forced to retrieve water from a nearby pond that looked like it was formed of natural springs. On the way, though, we were menaced by creatures apparently used as assassin’s weapons – strange cicada-like insects with tremendously toxic poison. We destroyed them, retrieved our water after a quick bath, and then were on our way.

Of interest during these past few days have been our dreams. Once while on the road, and again while at the barracks, we have all shared dreams. One was of Liosanath’s childhood, his beating at the hands of others after his pure-blooded family apparently abandoned him, and another of Zond’ra’s youth being kidnapped and then rescued (as it turns out, she is nobility). We all shared in this dream, possibly because of the presence of what I can only assume is the same shadowy figure in each one.

Inama Nushif. She is Eternal. She is the Great Mind. I am the Great Mind. I am Eternal. Inama Nushif.

Through the Jungle
In which we discover more of what has happened, and repair a vehicle

Kumaara’s Journal, Day 28 of Typhoon Season (Alia Reckoning)

When we woke today, we quickly ate and set about preparing for the trip. While the others searched for useful tools for the descent down the cliff and repair of the speeder, I accompanied Ygo to the hygeine center where the parts he needed were located.

He was refreshingly forthright – there seems little obfuscation to him. He claims that his mother wielded the Force as well, and that the dream I had last night was indeed his. He says it was a memory he did not recall until recently. We all seem to be having memory holes.

As we traveled down the path once more to the cliff-face, both I and Liosinath Bek experienced a vision of the cloaked figure, walking away from the crash site – through us, in the vision. We both reacted quite strongly to it. I have meditated on this issue, and I believe that we are seeing echoes of the power used to decimate this place.

It is clear that someone used a tremendous amount of preternatural power here. I believe that the cloaked figure we continually see is perhaps the one responsible for it. His or her presence was so powerful that it left an imprint, for lack of a better term, on the local environment that sensitives can detect.

We got to the cliff and down it with little effort. Ygo not only repaired the speeder with aplomb, he managed to do something to its hover-engines to allow it to rise high enough above the ground to be set on the higher, cleared road above the cliff. He is quite a resourceful little creature.

It was well after midday by the time we got to the site, and well into the day by the time we headed back. We passed the Force-negating lizard nest on the way back; I’m fairly certain I saw them still chewing on one of Liosinath’s boots, the wretched beasts.

As we approached the camp, we detected the presence of the second XXX. This creature was still bound by the pain collars used to control them originally; as it turned out, one of the pieces of technology Ygo was fiddling with the entire trip was the controls of that mechanism. We passed the creature, leaving it writhing in pain, and arrived safely at the camp.

Once we were inside, the creature seemed to remember its training – I believe the pain collar sparked the recollection. It took up a sentry place and even seemed domesticated enough to ask for food. Zondra elected to provide it with one of the corpses in the area; some of the others seemed disturbed by this, on some level. It now remains outside, guarding.

We are settling in for the night, and will be departing here, seeking the space port that the map assures us is nearby, though guard outposts and the like lie between us and it.

One moment…there seems to be some kind of activity outside. The XXX is howling, and sounds as though it were fighting something…

Inama Nushif. She is Eternal. She is the Great Mind. I am the Great Mind. I am Eternal. Inama Nushif.

1-Rude Awakening
In which we escape from slavery, and discover ourselves to be in deep danger

Kumaara’s Journal, Day 27 of Typhoon Season (Alia Reckoning)

I don’t truly recall what happened. For much of this day, I have wandered about in a haze, a prisoner to a confused mind. This must be what it feels like to lack sentience; I abhor it.

I awoke chained to a twilek. Like myself, she was dressed in a simple thermal shift and leggings, and we were surrounded by corpses. We were outside, in a clearing with a number of large buildings; it was clearly a mining camp. There were other corpses scattered here and there. We could hear someone calling for help, and so we rescued first ourselves (by application of a rock to chain) and then found the source of the cries.

The twilek is named Zondra, and she seems quiet but capable. Liosinath, whom we found to be the source of the cries for help, is an Arkhanite and a doctor. He is one of the rare pure-bloods of his people, and was being kept as a slave (although one kept to perform medical work, it seems). I found that they touch the Force as well, though I do not believe they do so by perfect sentience. They do not show the signs. Liosanath denies doing so entirely. He is either frightened or ashamed of admitting it. I don’t believe that he uses his powers subconsciously, as his control in healing one of us later in the day was too precise to be accidental.

With some searching, we also found two others: a togruta by the name of Shaar’ra Ti, and a diminuitive, furred humanoid by the name of Ygo. Shaar’ra Ti is fit and acrobatic, and talented with the blades she carries. In contrast, the small humanoid with big eyes wears the gear of an engineer or mechanic. They were antagonistic at first, and Shaar’ra Ti (like so many non-sentients) required an application of Voice to make her understand the futility of violence upon our persons.

We discovered that something had blown out the electronics in the camp, and drained the energy cells of very nearly everything in the camp. So, we struck out for the power generator to get it going again, but not before Zondra stopped by the old slave barracks to retrieve what I believe is one of the focusing crystals I have heard that the adherents of the fringe religion – the Jedi – use in their notorious lightsabers.

Along the way, we encountered a massive, ferocious catlike beast called a XXX (see The Bestiary Beyond Alia, Manasvinii Archives). The fight was over relatively quickly – like most beasts, it was easily crippled by the manipulation of its pain centers, and between Shaar’ra Ti’s knives and my own Vilaksana training, we managed to wound it sufficiently to drive it off. By this time, Ygo (who has snuck away and got the generator active again) had reactivated the security fence, which nicely fried the beast.

During this battle, I also noticed Liosinath wielded his own innate gifts to bestow powerful healing on Shaar’ra Ti while she fought the XXX. Fascinating indeed.

It was at this point that I noticed a strange figure – a silhouette only – moving near the power generator. Then, I lost consciousness briefly. I am at a loss to explain this.

We then raided the Guard House, retrieving the belongings taken from us when we were enslaved. Shaar’ra Ti recovered an impressive set of blades, while Zondra gathered her lightsaber once more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working, though Ygo – who recovered his tool sets and other paraphenalia – claimed he could get it working with some effort.

Ygo’s computer system – with a holographic-based AI interface that the little creature calls “Mom” – revealed to us that a vehicle was crashed nearby. It was a cargo-speeder that we might possibly use to get to the only spaceport we could see on the map. Doing so, however, would require something of a trek. It would be nearly nightfall by the time we got there.

The trek there was several hours long, with most of us walking while Ygo trundled along, repairing the lightsaber as we went. He seems very fascinated by the thing; like most of us, I suspect he’s never seen one before. I feel as though I may have been cramped or otherwise restrained from motion – I wonder how long I’ve been enslaved? We arrived to find that the speeder had sped over a cliff. We scaled the cliff-face, and Ygo looked at it and declared that he couldn’t repair it. Unfortunately, he needed some parts, but he knew where to get them – back at the hygiene system at the camp.

Dark had fallen by this point, and we were forced to walk back in the darkness. The others seemed too dainty, too selfish or perhaps too squeamish (I didn’t bother to ascertain) to carry the short furry one. Considering that he had a means of seeing in the dark, and I did not, it seemed only natural that I should carry him, while equipped with the goggles. Thus, we set out.

The creatures of the jungle were plentiful. I could tell there were small creatures moving rapidly through the underbrush, but found something strange – I could not sense them at all. It was as though they did not exist in even the least meaningful way to my senses; even droids have more presence than these creatures did.

Unfortunately, we stumbled into the midst of their breeding ground, and Liosinath stepped into a nest, crushing several of the eggs with his boots. Suddenly, the horrors became very angry and attacked us. Ygo suddenly gave a squeal of delight, ignited the lightsaber (a touch closer to my head than I was comfortable with, I admit), and threw it to Zondra. We found fighting them was nearly futile, however, despite our ability to decimate them handily. I found myself at a disadvantage fighting them – they were utterly immune to all manipulations of the Force, an ability that extends not just to their persons, but to a short proximity from their bodies.

I’m fairly sure these creatures are XXX, which I have only heard of in rumor. I shall search the Manasvinii Archives when I return to Alia.

Nonetheless, Liosinath recognized our inability to sufficiently win this conflict, and fled. I noticed that they nearly all gave chase. He’d not managed to harm any of them during the attack, and I could see no reason why they would give chase, other than the fact that he was the one who destroyed some of their spawn originally. I used my gifts to snatch the boot with which he’d stumbled into the nest from his foot, nearly knocking him over.

Thankfully, they followed the boot, intent on savaging the thing that had caused the damage – their inability to understand even the fact that the boot was an instrument wielded by someone else demonstrates their complete lack of any kind of sentience. Even stupid animals can differentiate between the club and the one who wields it.

We arrived back at the encampment shortly after midnight. Though the place stinks to the skies, we have found safe haven within the structure, along with food and even the means of showering. I am not a vain creature, but I admit to taking undue pleasure in a shower after so long without.

We are returning to the crash site with the repair materials Ygo requires tomorrow first thing. I am going to meditate this evening, and see if I can recover both my memories and my Center.

Inama Nushif. She is Eternal. She is the Great Mind. I am the Great Mind. I am Eternal. Inama Nushif.

Journal Entry Addendum

As I meditated this evening, the cool perfect presence of the Great Mind was denied me momentarily. I dreamt of a place with several cages. They held other beings like Ygo. I could understand their speech, but not that of the human that was in the room with them. He was clearly a slaver of some kind, and they his slaves.

He then took one of them – the one whose appearance I noticed matched that of the holographic interface Ygo calls “Mom” – and sold her to a silhouetted being. I could tell that this being was the same one that had haunted my visions this day. I have begun to suspect something is strange and relevant about this entity.

I also suspect that this dream isn’t one I’m having, but one that I’m somehow tied into that Ygo is having. I shall speak of him in the morning. Right now, there seems to be some kind of conflict brewing between Shaar’ra Ti and Liosinath.

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