Haunted by Dreams

In which we make progress through the jungle, and our psyches

Kumaara’s Journal, Day 29 – 31 of Typhoon Season (Alia Reckoning)

As it turns out, the cries of the XXX turned out to be because of a pair of hungry YYY. They attacked the XXX, and then turned towards us, undoubtedly seeing us as easier prey due to our smaller sizes.

Animals must be put down when they seek to levy harm against true sentients, and so we did so, quickly and efficiently. We then settled in for the night.

The next day, we departed for a transport station. The Sight revealed devastation similar to that which we’d found in the camp we awoke in. This station was manned primarily by droids, which sent Ygo into something of an orgy of scavenging. While he did so, Zond’ra and I hunted for additional fuel and vehicles, while Liosanath and Shaar’ra Ti went hunting. Lionsanath is clearly sexually attracted to the Togruta, and I suspect they may have done more than hunting while out there.

This site revealed something else of interest, however. A collapsed cavern, which was the site of a mining operation – as it turns out, they were mining al-ahati crystals, of the kind used by many of the striguru priestesses. Apparently, the Jedi of Zond’ra’s sect use them in the construction of their lightsabers. Not only did we meditate and discover stones that resonated with us, but we also discovered one that still echoed with the dark power used by the shadowy figure we’ve been seeing. I have retained this stone, and hope to meditate on it to learn more about him.

We rested there for the evening before setting out again. Ygo managed to cobble together a number of useful items, including a set of electrobinoculars. They are similar to the ones I’ve used in the deserts of Alia, so they were entrusted to me.

Using the Sight again, I discovered that the big central settlement was actually originally a slave barracks for the mining camps that surrounded it. It was all but empty, and had received the least amount of devastation. We retreated there, to rest, get food and decent sleeping quarters for a while before setting back out for the landing strip. Ygo discovered very posh quarters that clearly once belonged to someone important, while the rest of us made do.

The water resources of the site were in bad condition, though, so we were forced to retrieve water from a nearby pond that looked like it was formed of natural springs. On the way, though, we were menaced by creatures apparently used as assassin’s weapons – strange cicada-like insects with tremendously toxic poison. We destroyed them, retrieved our water after a quick bath, and then were on our way.

Of interest during these past few days have been our dreams. Once while on the road, and again while at the barracks, we have all shared dreams. One was of Liosanath’s childhood, his beating at the hands of others after his pure-blooded family apparently abandoned him, and another of Zond’ra’s youth being kidnapped and then rescued (as it turns out, she is nobility). We all shared in this dream, possibly because of the presence of what I can only assume is the same shadowy figure in each one.

Inama Nushif. She is Eternal. She is the Great Mind. I am the Great Mind. I am Eternal. Inama Nushif.


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