Through the Jungle

In which we discover more of what has happened, and repair a vehicle

Kumaara’s Journal, Day 28 of Typhoon Season (Alia Reckoning)

When we woke today, we quickly ate and set about preparing for the trip. While the others searched for useful tools for the descent down the cliff and repair of the speeder, I accompanied Ygo to the hygeine center where the parts he needed were located.

He was refreshingly forthright – there seems little obfuscation to him. He claims that his mother wielded the Force as well, and that the dream I had last night was indeed his. He says it was a memory he did not recall until recently. We all seem to be having memory holes.

As we traveled down the path once more to the cliff-face, both I and Liosinath Bek experienced a vision of the cloaked figure, walking away from the crash site – through us, in the vision. We both reacted quite strongly to it. I have meditated on this issue, and I believe that we are seeing echoes of the power used to decimate this place.

It is clear that someone used a tremendous amount of preternatural power here. I believe that the cloaked figure we continually see is perhaps the one responsible for it. His or her presence was so powerful that it left an imprint, for lack of a better term, on the local environment that sensitives can detect.

We got to the cliff and down it with little effort. Ygo not only repaired the speeder with aplomb, he managed to do something to its hover-engines to allow it to rise high enough above the ground to be set on the higher, cleared road above the cliff. He is quite a resourceful little creature.

It was well after midday by the time we got to the site, and well into the day by the time we headed back. We passed the Force-negating lizard nest on the way back; I’m fairly certain I saw them still chewing on one of Liosinath’s boots, the wretched beasts.

As we approached the camp, we detected the presence of the second XXX. This creature was still bound by the pain collars used to control them originally; as it turned out, one of the pieces of technology Ygo was fiddling with the entire trip was the controls of that mechanism. We passed the creature, leaving it writhing in pain, and arrived safely at the camp.

Once we were inside, the creature seemed to remember its training – I believe the pain collar sparked the recollection. It took up a sentry place and even seemed domesticated enough to ask for food. Zondra elected to provide it with one of the corpses in the area; some of the others seemed disturbed by this, on some level. It now remains outside, guarding.

We are settling in for the night, and will be departing here, seeking the space port that the map assures us is nearby, though guard outposts and the like lie between us and it.

One moment…there seems to be some kind of activity outside. The XXX is howling, and sounds as though it were fighting something…

Inama Nushif. She is Eternal. She is the Great Mind. I am the Great Mind. I am Eternal. Inama Nushif.


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