Liosinath Bek


Lio shares some of the most prized and stereotypical traits of a member of the Arkanian species. He is somewhat tall (6’3” or so) with a golden completion and pure long white hair which he usually keeps in a simple pony tail. His eyes have no visible iris or pupil, and to all effects appear to be perfectly white. Instead of the 5 fingered hand most bipedal humanoids across the galaxy share, Lio has the 4 adroit, clawed digits of the Arkanian pure blooded. Lio does tend towards being slightly towards the hefty side, with a slight belly and a softness to his limbs, but perhaps this is just due to his sedentary enslavement. Although Lio’s physical appearance tends towards the stereotypical, his personality is anything but. Arkanians are almost universally arrogant, aloof, and frankly uptight beings with the attitude that they are genetically and intellectually superior to the majority of the galaxy. Lio, on the other hand, presents a laid back, jovial face, cracking jokes and snide remarks, and rarely if ever stands up straight. He almost always takes an immediate attention to the opposite sex, considering himself somewhat of a Casanova. This is all just a facade of course, a coping mechanism the young Lio developed to endure the endless taunts and abuse of both his peers and superiors.


Liosinath Bek, or Lio as his rare friends know him, remembers very little of his childhood other than the scorn and derision of his peers. Life amongst pure blood Arkanians is very status driven, and status is determined by two things—family and intellect. While the young Lio possessed intelligence in abundance, he never knew his parents and was raised in a boarding house amongst privileged offshoots whose parents managed to scrounge up enough credits to give their children a proper education. A pure blood with no family is a strange thing, and Lio was bullied not only by his offshoot peers who were jealous of his breeding, but by the teachers themselves, who thought it was shameful to sully the pure blood line with no lineage to speak of. Throughout all of the slings and bullets that were thrown his way Lio became known as a particularly bright student full of potential…but apparently common sense was not one of his strong suits. As he grew into a young man his astounding ability to get himself in the worst kinds of trouble (usually involving a female somewhere down the line) nearly got him expelled several times…but somehow he’d always scrape by the skin of his teeth. Before long he found himself graduating with honors, but with no family to pay his tuition and with the stigma of no lineage, Lio found himself unable to afford the next step of his education…so he did what many offshoots in the same situation often do. He joined the military.

Lio fancied himself a research scientist at heart, and so had no taste for war or the immediacy of combat. His main reason for joining the military was simple—a four year term of service and the military would pay for university tutelage afterwards. Traditionally short term military recruits were sent to some backwater where months were spent guarding mining installations or serving aboard mundane research facilities, but Lio was soon to realize that such was not his fate. Arkanian society naturally teaches all offshoots to follow the orders of a pure blood in dangerous situations, and since Lio was a pure blood with no family ties to protect him, (after his boot camp training) he was immediately sent as a commanding officer of a small battalion of soldiers guarding a scientific outpost in a vulnerable and distant planet. And that was where his life changed dramatically and permanently.

One fateful day the outpost was attacked by a raiding party of Yuuzhan Vong, a splintered group of their once powerful army that had been hiding in this sector of space for years. Lio and his men were completely unprepared for the attack and the science facility was taken quickly and easily. As fate would have it, however, Lio was able to escape by way of a small cargo vessel, carrying several wounded and dying scientists with him. While on this harrowing journey Lio discovered in himself an amazing ability; to some extent he possessed control over the mysterious Force. This is an extreme rarity amongst Arkanians…Arkanian society proposes that the Force is a primitive crutch practiced by uncultured shamen and unsuited to their technologically and biologically advanced race. It is almost universally considered a regressive and thus unattractive genetic trait, more common to offshoots and nearly unheard of amongst pure bloods. Regardless, Lio found himself in the hold of the cargo vessel as it escaped from the station, bombarded by blaster fire and followed close behind by hulking and alien Yuuzhan Vong vessels. The hold was filled with wounded and dying men wailing in fear and pain as Lio and the other handful of able bodied soldiers attempted to do all they could to keep them alive with the quickly dwindling amounts of medical supplies available to them. Lio was covered in blood to the elbows, was in complete shock, and was beyond the concept of weariness…and then his eyes lit on Private Vara, a woman he had known since his school days. He had dated her for a time, years ago, and they had had some amazing times together. Since then they had grown apart, but through some strange coincidence she had been sent to the same location as he once boot camp was completed. Bending over her still body, Lio was filled with emotion. Her side had been torn open by an insidious Yuuzhan Vong razor bug, and white glints of bone shone through the congealing mass of blood and tissue, probably from her spinal column. He bent and touched her neck, feeling the struggling pulse there. She still lived…but not for much longer. There was nothing aboard this vessel that could come even close to rescuing her. All of the pent up anger, fear and stress burst forth from him at that moment, but instead of bursting into tears or shouting impotently at the stars, he closed his eyes and let it flow through and around him. After this discharge, all that was left was the white hot core of his being, his will made manifest as a pure and commanding presence connecting itself to all things in the universe. He reopened his eyes and did what he knew he must do—he reached out and healed her wound. Thankfully for him, no one saw this miracle.

Back on his home planet, Lio was met with nothing but more disappointment and disgrace. As a commander he was a failure, suffering a straightforward attack in a completely unprepared way without the slightest bit of tactical acumen. Instead of being hailed as the savior of his wounded men, he was lynched as the sole cause of the deaths of hundreds. But at this point he could care less. His life was changed, his viewpoint had shifted, and the concerns of his peers were no longer important to him. For some cosmic reason he was given the gift to heal the injured. Lio didn’t think of this ability as simply the outward manifestation of his control of the force, but instead as a divine and unique commandment entrusted to him. The madness of war still danced in his head, and the mutilated bodies of friends and compatriots still marched by his inner eye, crying out, “This is your fault. Make it right!” He had to do something, to use this gift to heal, to help, to somehow repay all that blood on his hands. But also he knew his people better than most, and knew that if his powers were made public he would be touted as a freak and a pariah, and would be unable to help. He decided the best course of action was to go into the field of medicine, to shield his abilities behind the facade of technology and safe measures. Upon his return Lio was discharged as unfit for the military, however, and he found himself worse off than when he started—poor, universally despised, and unable to get the simplest of jobs, much less pay the fees required for med school. That was when he heard of the Hutts. The Kullit Hutts were active in this sector of the galaxy, and like all Hutts were the controlling force behind the majority of the criminal underworld. They were known to be unbiased and ubiquitous moneylenders, unconcerned as to the reasons for the loan as long as the debt was paid on time with considerable interest. They were also known as a perverse and eccentric family, even more depraved and inconsistent than other Hutts…but Lio calculated that that was a risk he was prepared to make. He found their contact, made the deal, and went to medical school.

After school, Lio found that things were not as cut and dry as it seemed. His reputation followed him, even years later, and regardless of his success rate, Lio found himself with few if any people willing to see him. Those that would were usually too poor to afford his fees although he ended up treating them anyway. Before long Lio had set up a free clinic, working ridiculous hours to try and help as many people as possible, mostly offshoots or offworlders. So busy he was with what he considered his divine task, he forgot about the Hutts….but of course they didn’t forget about him.

The Hutts, ever a decisive family, swept him off planet efficiently and quietly. They didn’t kill him, if they did that they would never see any of their money. Instead, they decided to sell him into slavery—a pure blood Arkanian was a rare commodity in the slave world, and he fetched a considerable price. Before long, Lio found himself as the lead medical officer of a backwater (and probably illegal) mining facility on a distant planet, doing what he could to heal the overworked, exhausted slaves that toiled in the mines. He knows he was meant for better things, however, and awaits the day that something will happen to free him from this life, something that will occur that will allow him to fulfill his destiny. Only time will tell what that is.

Liosinath Bek

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