Shaar'ra Ti

Shaar'ra is 5ft tall with ringlets around the ends of her head tendrils. Two piercings (rings) in her right eye brow and one in her left. She has two short swords that hang at her waist and a blaster pistol mounted on the back of her belt.


Class: Scoundrel Level: 4 Race: Togruta Home World: Shili Gender: Female Age: 22 Weight: 68kg Head Tendrils: A palest of blues and whites Eyes: Black Skin: A deep Orangish Brown Handed: Ambidextrous


  • Strength: 14 + 2
  • Dexterity: 18 + 4
  • Constitution: 11 + 0
  • Intelligence: 15 + 2
  • Wisdom: 12 + 1
  • Charisma: 15 + 2


  • Hp: 36
  • Damage Threshold: 12
  • Base Atk: +3
  • Speed: 6
  • Force Points: 6
  • Defenses: Fort: 16 Reflex: 19 Will: 18


  • Acrobatics: 11
  • Deception: 9
  • Initiative: 11
  • Knowledge (Galactic Lore): 9
  • Stealth: 11
  • Use Computer: 9


  • Dual Short Swds: Atk + 5 Dmg 1D6 + 4 (repeat again for the other swd)
  • Blaster Pistol: Atk + 5 Dmg 3D6 + 4


Dual Weapon Mastery II: Take -2 penalty on attacks when attacking with 2 weapons

Point Blank Shot: +1bonus on ranged attacks and damage against point blank foes

Proficiency Simple Weapons:

Fatal hit: If hp gets to 0 and past damage threshold you can perform the Coup De Grace

Melee Defense: Trade attack bonus on melee attacks for a dodge bonus to Reflex Defense

Weapon Finesse: Use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier on attack rolls with light melee weapons and light sabers.

Quick Draw: Draw weapon as a swift action


Sneak Attack: Any time your opponent is flatfooted or otherwise denied it’s dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, you deal and extra 1d6 points of damage with a successful melee or ranged attack. You must be within 6 squares of the target to make a sneak attack with a ranged weapon. You May select this talent multiple times. Each time you select it, your sneak attack damage increases by 1d6 (maximum of +10d6)

Dastardly Strike: Whenever you make a successful attack against an opponent that is denied its Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, the target moves -1 step along the condition track.


A perfect life….

Shaa’ra where are you? Shhhhh! don’t have to be so loud I’m right here above you. Huh? Oh there you are your mother and father sent me to find you they are starting the ritual of the hunt soon and you need to be there! Ok, I’m coming alright. I was wondering why you are always out here by yourself, you know as your best friend if you need to talk then I am always here for you. I know and I appreciate that but sometimes I just want to be alone with my thoughts and tinkerings. Ah, so then nothings the matter? No I was just thinking about the hunting ritual and my brother coming of age. It Kind of scares me knowing that now he will be one of the chosen hunters to provide food for the village, although a prestigious title amongst our people it worries me as well because what if the hunters were to ever become the hunted? Hahaha surely you can’t be serious our hunters are the best in ALL of Shili! Haha yes I know I worry to much, you are right now let’s hurry and attend the ritual.

Shaa’ra has a happy life in her village of Otak, as she enters the village she looks around at all the happy faces awaiting the ritual. Mothers and fathers that were beaming for the sons and daughters that were chosen to join the hunt for the villages well being. She looks around at the older hunters that are making way for the younger generation to start anew. Everyone is so happy and the comradery of the village seemed to be at it’s highest. This was always the happiest time of the year for the village of Otak for being chosen to join the hunters of the village was a great honor and privilege and the families of the village celebrated with all of their being. You could feel the happiness in your bones and tendrils. The air was charged with excitement.

She looked around till she found her mother, father and two brothers. Shaa’ra went up to her brother Ti’Lon and embraced him congratulating him on being chosen. For the rest of the night the village of Otak was in reverie of the new hunters and the static charged air. For that night was the last night they would see their hunters for at least 2 weeks. The next morning the new hunters would set out on their first hunt to replenish the villages food supply.

The sun had began to dawn and light crept in through the opening in the curtain of Shaa’ra’s room. She jumped out of bed wanting to see her brother off on his first hunt, but the party had already gone. She was too late and she felt sad that she hadn’t seen him off but hopeful that she would see him again. She couldn’t help but have this bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t shake this feeling.

Shaa’ra went about her day with the usual things that she did and she always felt a gloom hanging over her. She went to the village’s seer and told her of the feeling she was having and the seer told her that it was just the feeling of being always near her brother since they were so close and now he was gone for the duration of the hunting trip. So she was just missing him and worrying to much. So Shaa’ra shrugged the feeling off and a week went by and no messages came from the hunting party and the village chief seemed to be concerned although he tried his best to hide, Shaa’ra could clearly see that something wasn’t right.

Then on the fourth day of the second week a lone hunter came bolting from the forest, his shoulder bloodied. Shaa’ra was the first to see him and ran through the village screaming for someone to come help. When she got close she realized it was Ti’Lon and was very badly wounded. he kept saying over and over that strange beings were coming this way with weapons they had never seen before. When asked about the rest of the party he replied they were no more he was the last.

The village chief asked what had happened in the forest and Ti’Lon explained that they were closing in on their prey when suddenly they were attacked from behind and half the hunting party was slaughtered. He had just barely got away but not unscathed. He was told to come back and warn the village of what had happened. This worried the village chief considering that all the men that were left in the village were old and in no shape to fight. The village was defenseless.

The village chief started shouting and barking orders to people to prepare that there were strangers heading toward them and to expect anything. For he didn’t know the strangers intentions and by the look of Ti’Lon he knew. He had rumors of other villages being attacked lately and slave traders were behind it all, or so the rumors say. “The Traders” or they so dubbed themselves were after young children and able bodied women to sell for the “work” market. This frightened him but he knew that if these were the same people that they were doomed and nothing could be done but run…but run to where?

Then he heard the shouts coming from the village gates that there were people coming out of the forest from the north and the south, he knew at once that they were indeed “The Traders”. The village was surrounded and then one Dark Clad man walked up to the village gate and said the he wished to speak with the village Chief. The Chief came and met with the man. He and the chief seemed to have a heated discussion and the chief walked back toward the village. The man made a motion with his hand and the chief was shot in the back.

Seeing this Ti’Lon rushed to his aide even though he was hurt and still bleeding through his bandages. The dark clad man just looked at Ti’lon laughed and shot him as well. Shaa’ra saw this and screamed such a scream that it startled all the strangers and the villagers and she rushed toward the man. With rage in her eyes, she lunged at the man with a feral look in here eyes and full of rage, then darkness….

When she came too she was in a room full of pillows and a strange perfumed incense burning that she wasn’t familiar with. She got up and tried to move to realize that she was chained to the floor in the middle of this room. The room was full of strange things she had never seen before though wondrous things she could not help but remember that she saw her village chief die at the hands of a stranger and that same stranger had killed her brother and undoubtedly her entire village as well as her family.

More to come…...

Shaar'ra Ti

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