Kumaara Drona

An initiate of the Manasvinii witches


Class: Jedi • Level: 2nd • Species: Human • Origin: Otsa System • Tradition: Manasvinii
Gender: Female • Age: 17 • Height: 5’9" • Weight: 105 lb. • Hair: Silver-White • Eyes: Luminous Violet • Skin: Deep mahogany • Handed: Left


  • Strength: 12 +1
  • Dexterity: 15 +2
  • Constitution: 13 +1
  • Intelligence: 16 +3
  • Wisdom: 17 +3
  • Charisma: 14 +2

Combat Traits

  • Hit Points: 31
  • Damage Threshold: 13
  • Base Attack: +2
  • Speed: 6
  • Force Points: 6
  • Defenses: Fortitude: 13 (10 + 1 + 1 + 1) • Reflex: 15 (10 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1) • Will: 15 (10 + 1 + 1 + 3)


  • Initiative: +8 (1 + 2 + 5)
  • Knowledge (Bureaucracy): +9 (1 + 3 + 5)
  • Knowledge (Social Sciences): +9 (1 + 3 + 5)
  • Knowledge (Galactic Lore): +9 (1 + 3 + 5)
  • Perception: +9 (1 + 3 + 5)
  • Use the Force: +14 (1 + 3 + 5 +5)


  • Unarmed: Atk 5 • Dam 1d61 • Crit 20


  • Force Sensitivity: Use the Force is a class skill, may buy Force Talents
  • Weapon Proficiency (Simple): May use Simple Weapons
  • Martial Arts I: +1 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense, inflict 1d6 unarmed damage
  • Weapon Finesse (Unarmed): Use Dexterity with Unarmed Attacks rather than Strength
  • Force Training: Farseeing, Mind Trick, Force Grip, Force Stun
  • Skill Focus: Use the Force


Control Talent Tree (Anavadya)

  • Force Focus: As a full-round action, may make a DC 15 Use the Force check. Success refreshes a used Force Power to the wielder’s suite of powers.

Manasvinii Talent Tree

  • Manasvinii Initiate: May use the Telepathy function of Use the Force as a Move Action rather than a Standard Action. Additionally, Use the Force becomes based on Wisdom, rather than Charisma.

Force Powers

  • Farseeing: The Great Mind may be used to gain insight into the doings of those known to the Manasvinii Sisterhood. Through advanced mental techniques, an understanding of both the choices those she knows are likely to make and the way the universe’s own thousand tiny threads of probability usually intertwine, she may deduce the current logical state of events around someone she knows, with devastating accuracy.
  • Force Grip: The Great Mind understands the weaknesses and tiny imperfections of character, thought and logic that plague the lesser mind. With the merest suggestion – a quirk of the eyebrow, a hum too lowly modulated to hear, sudden movement in the target’s field of vision reflected in the environment – and the lesser mind collapses under its own frailties, inflicting terrible pain and damage to the target.
  • Force Stun: With but a thought, the Great Mind sets the nerves of an opponent afire with sheer, horrifying agony, leaving them to write and stumble in the wreck of their imperfections.
  • Mind Trick: Modulation of the Voice changes the way others think and react, making them predictable and controllable, a puppet to dance at the suggestions of the Manasvinii Sister.


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Like the other Manasvinii, I was born and raised on the planet Alia, in the Otsa system. Even as a young girl, I bore the signs of being truly human – I could read by the time I was two years of age, I asked questions no child should know to ask and those sensitive to the Great Mind could tell when I was nearby, as I could tell when they were.

From a young age, I was taken into one of the great temples of the Sisterhood, and trained in the techniques necessary to permit me to evolve myself, to become a true human. Though the mastery of the body has proven difficult for me – I can withstand pain as well as any other of my Sisters, though I still feel it where many of them can shut off such unwanted sensation – my awareness of the Great Mind and the lesser minds around me has always been great.

By the time I was thirteen, I could sense the secrets of those around me – not the tiny secrets their minds strove to protect, but the secrets about who they were, what role they played in the world around them, and what fate held in store for them. Through the Great Mind, I could overwhelm the thoughts of those around me, whispering directly from mind to mind, or even instilling my own will over theirs.

I was fifteen when I was taken aside by the zokajanii, or “mother of pain,” of my temple. She initiated me into the secrets of bringing agony to the lives of others. Truthfully, though, she taught me the great secret of the pain mothers: all of life is agony, and the animal mind learns to ignore it. The arts she taught me showed me how to force a lesser mind to focus on the pain of existence, and to suffer for it.

A year later, I was initiated and made into a proper Sister. I have much to learn still, but now I have duties other than merely learning.

A Childhood Recollection


How I Got Where I’m At Now

My first mission was supposed to be simple: find the daughter of Priestess Ulatanna Karvia, the samya of my temple on Alia. I and five other priestesses were sent out with this mission, each with a different assignment. My own investigations led me to the belief that there were slavers operating from the hinterlands of Alia, so I followed them there, forcing one of them to take me with him.

I assumed his vessel was bound for their encampment, and it was, after a fashion. Unfortunately, that encampment wasn’t on Alia – it was aboard a larger ship at the edge of the Otsa system. Determined to see this thing out, I remained hidden aboard the ship. With the simple application of the Great Mind to my slaver’s lesser brain, it was easy enough to make him seem to be ill, giving us good reason to remain locked away in his cabin during the voyage.

Upon arriving in the slave encampment, I left the ship to look around. Sadly, I was forced to kill the slaver who’d served as my decoy for so long, but I couldn’t risk his alerting anyone as to my presence. I’d only been in the encampment, skulking about and remaining out of the way, when everything happened…


Kumaara Drona is a tall human woman, with dark olive-gold skin. Her eyes are a luminous violet color, and her eyebrows thin and arching. She is bald, save for the length of deep black hair shot through with a length of silver, which she tends to keep braided in dozens of thin braids gathered into a ponytail at the back of her skull and interwoven with silver beads. A streak of silver paint marks her brow in a long line across the top of her head, and another drops down from her silver-colored lips to below her chin. Her ears are pierced with large, jingling silver rings. A string of small silver beads connects one of those earrings and the small stud that pierces one of her nostrils.

Silver rings constrict her throat tightly, and make it seem as though her neck is longer than it is, and she wears robes made up of layers of diaphanous robes. She wears a thick shawl of the material across her shoulders, just above her breasts, and she will sometimes pull part of that shawl up over her head. Her wrists are wrapped in the same silvery rings as her neck, and she wears a belt made of rings the same size as those that pierce her ears joined together with silver beads. She goes barefoot everywhere she travels, seemingly unbothered by wild terrain or rough ground conditions, with only a set of silver rings around her ankles.

Her hands are decorated with a strange staining agent that is applied in patterns denoting her skills and talents, which leaves behind lines of a dim, pewter-like silver that glitters slightly in natural light.

Kumaara Drona

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