The Universe So Far

Xexeltanth System

  • Xiathar- 1st planet from the sun. 5-day solar year. Un-inhabitable.
  • Sister Planets- 210dys/yr
    • Tela- One of two planets in this orbit. Mild climate, normal gravity, 16hr/day. Home to the Xexeltanth system mining operations. Largely uninhabited except for facilities.
    • Telo- Second of the two planets in this orbit. This planet is stationary on its axis, the day length is measured by the moon’s rotation. Solar surfaces reach temperatures capable of boiling Mandalorian Steel. The dark side has temperatures in the freezing range.
  • Goddess Ring- These two planets are named after the Goddess and her lover from the Golvanish religion.These are two of the most profitable gas mines in this sector and are controlled by the Shetek Empire exclusively for their armada fuel supply.
    • Golvara- This planet named for the Goddess, Golvara, it rotates opposite of it partner planet and has mining facilities for Hydrogen and large deposits of replenishing [Tarlanek Fumes].
    • Gelsha- The hermaphroditic lover of the mythical Goddess Golvara, it was said Gelsha was given the gift of both genders to moderate the Goddess’s rage with a feminine insight and sympathy with the cold logic of men. This planet is mined for Methane, small Tarlanek fumes deposits and other inert gases.
  • Toractis- Sixth planet in this system following the third orbit from the sun. This planet never developed an atmosphere and is uninhabitable by almost any creature the toxic fumes released when the sun hits the surface dissipate into space. This planet is used for large scale dumping and is currently operated by the Cliak Disposal Company.
  • Telek and Shik’arahn
    • Telek- This planet is relatively small and houses a fairly large mining equipment repair station. The atmosphere is hostile and as a result most operations are controlled by droids. This is has no public repair bays.

Otsa System

Notorious as the home of the Manasvinii witches, Otsa is a tiny system tucked away from most of Galaxy X-11573. Most of the planets of the system are basically inhospitable, though they are home to a few mining colonies from Alia, as well as a notorious salvage yard.

  • Alia: The fourth planet from the Otsa sun, Alia is the home of the Manasvinii witches, and is effectively ruled as a theocratic republic – the two branches of government, the Council of Sisters and the Council of Lords meet to decide the political necessities of the planet. It is almost unheard of for the Sisters to demand anything, generally allowing the Lords (who are elected to their seats) to make most of the decisions, but it is also equally unheard of for the Lords to deny the Sisters anything they stridently request.
  • The Rust Moon: A small moon in orbit of a gas giant that is the sixth planet of the Otsa system, the Rust Moon is owned by the Abrohal Consortium, who claim salvage rights on everything in the Otsa system. They mainly back this claim with force of arms, though they are careful not to antagonize the republic of Alia.

The Universe So Far

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