Starverse- All will live or all will die.

The Prophecy foretells destruction, The Prophecy foretells Creation. This is the choice, this is the destiny.

In Galaxy X-11573 it’s a harsh life, everything is controlled by the great Mining Consortium and very little goes unnoticed by The Legion. This universe is a cruel and relentless place where the force runs wild and bounty hunters are in high demand. Nothing is ever impossible, you just have to name the right price.

The Force is not new it has been around forever and never exists; or that’s the answer you get from some of the crazy fringe sects who study it in seclusion. In this universe there is no separation between light and dark, just mearly the emotion that brings it forth. The Sith are unknown and the Jedi are but a small sect in the outskirts of the universe claiming there time is not here yet.

“There was once a time when the emotions of the universe stayed solid inside the body and mind, but the suffering and joy of the creatures within it have long since caused the tears of the universe to leak forth. This is the birth and source of the force, the emotions of the universe. The universe will smile and there will be peace; The universe will cry and there shall be war. We cannot control our destinies the tears control our flow. One shall be born and he will be destruction, only pain will flow from his deeds and only suffering will be caused by his presence. There will be another; this one shall be salvation, joy will be his smile and his touch shall cure the heart. This is the fate born of the tears of creation. All will die or all will live, but the tears shall always flow.”

Prophecy of Destruction

Tiarral’sat Rei Sect

Veral Hercouth, Prophet

Our players wake to a devastated encampment not knowing who they are, why they are there or how the force has conspired this to be. Their fate starts today; The are the flow of tears and ever shall the tears flow.


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